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    People seem to be more focused on the GOOD effects rather than the actual problem that this could produce if ever it rains diamonds on Earth. This article mentions several times that METHANE is in the atmosphere of these planets and is a compound material in the process of the makings for these diamonds and methane is deadly to humans in the event that we can't breathe it. Diamonds first come in the form of rock. And what does rock do when it falls on people? It deals damage. Think of it like sleet/hail or the movie Geostorm; there'd be mass destruction followed by large spendings on buildings, roadways, houses, etc. Many people's lives would be at stake every time it rained. Especially if it was UNPREDICTED or if people didn't come prepared. Last but not least, they're not talking about average diamonds that you'd see at stores like Zales where they sell pretty white diamonds. These are diamonds that haven't been cut. So selling UNCUT diamonds would get you nowhere as their value is nothing compared to a cut diamond.
    Over 3 years ago

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