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    Summary: The book is about Stan, a teenage boy who lives in a small town with his parents, older brother and a sister. Stan’s brother was a professional baseball player who had left his team after a rough season. Stan also plays baseball in a league, but he is not a professional player. Stan is thinking about leaving his team because he is always put on the bench, and doesn't get to play as often as he wanted. One day, Stan gets a mysterious letter that encourages Stan to stay on his team. He follows the advice, and keeps on getting more letters. If you want to find out who they are from, you need to read the book! It’s exciting and interesting, with a surprise ending! Opinion: I think the book is great because it was about baseball, which is one of my favorite sports. Also, I liked the main character, Stan because he was a great player and a good friend. I enjoyed reading the book so much that I finished it in 2 days. The mysterious letter keeps you reading until the end. I wish the book were longer or that it had more parts, because I would have liked to read more about Stan and the baseball teams. But, it was short and to the point, and not too boring or slow! Stan has to make a lot of big decisions, and seeing how he makes them is very interesting. I am very happy I chose the book "Challenge at Second Base" by Matt Christopher. Recommendation: I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes baseball, or any boy who likes stories about good friends and brothers. I am not sure that most girls would like it because there are hardly any girl characters. I loved this book and recommend it to my friends.
    About 7 years ago

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