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    I want It Because I love to read And I love candy An I think that it would Be A good Book For me My grandma was A librarian But she this year from Cancer on My birthday I really love books because of her she has inspired me so much and I am in sixth grade I need to win Because It would prove to Me and My family that I can do anything any To show My grandma in Heaven That I love her and miss her so much And I will Win This For Her And Me This book Will May be Be a good one If it is a chapter book I would love it if I win I am so excited to see If I win am have An A+ in English Mt teacher is Cheering Me on and so Is my family.
    Over 2 years ago
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    I will love to enter in to this contest because My grandma was a librarian and She would Be proud of Me if I won She died from Cancer this year On my birthday, My family said it was stupid for me to enter Is this Contest but I want to Prove them Wrong And I want to do this for Me and My grandma I wish the I could Be Like Her But I love reading So Much it think that This Would Be A good book for to read and enjoy I am In sixth grade and I an A+ in English My teacher is Cheering Me On I wish that i could Win this I have A 50 50 % chance of winning But My grandma would be Happy if she was still hear With Me And Hopefully I can Win But If I don't That is ok I would Do anything to win I would Make A video Are fail a class or Race to the book That is how much I love reading I ready 24,573 books this year so far. And May be I could read this book To my sibling They also love books.
    Over 2 years ago

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