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    really cute!
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    I've heard of two of the books in the series; I've read the first one. It was probably the best book within the fantasy/mystery genre that I've ever read. I'm excited to read the other ones in the series. I would also like to share them with a friend who really likes these kinds of books.
    About 3 years ago
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    This was a great read, and I definitely recommend it to people who like a tad bit of mystery and a bit of action. Warren is a descendant of many Warrens, and as you can tell by the title, he is the 13th in his line. He is currently living with his Uncle in a hotel, and his uncle is about to marry a wife, Warren's aunt. She seems to be good at first, but after Warren's uncle leaves, she's not as she seems. Warren's family has a hidden treasure and Warren and his aunt are both on the look for it. But when things get a bit too harsh with Warren and his aunt, Warren sets out to find the treasure by himself. But what will happen to Warren? Read this nail-biting novel to find out!
    About 3 years ago
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    This book was a fun read! The Beaumont family is not the typical family. When somebody turns 13 years old, the person gets a special power (savvy). Mibs' brothers have the power to create electricity and start hurricanes, so Mibs is quite excited to find out what her power will be. Before she turns 13, however, Poppa gets into an accident, and Mibs wants a savvy that will be able to help him. But will she be able to help him? Read this exciting novel to find out! I recommend to readers of all ages that like mystery and fantasy books.
    About 3 years ago
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    This was a fun read! Although I wouldn't recommend it to everybody, I would recommend it to people that like adventure books and picture books (although this isn't really a picture book). This is the first of the Treehouse series. Andy and Terry are the two characters living in the treehouse, which contains a pool, a bowling alley, a tank full of sharks, a laboratory, a library, and pretty much anything else you can think of. The only trouble is, Andy and Terry must write a new book; but, in order to do that, they can't remain distracted by all the fun things in their treehouse, which is practically impossible. Will they be able to finish their book? Or will they get too caught up by the many fun attractions in the treehouse? I recommend this book to young readers interested in action and adventure.
    About 3 years ago
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    I absolutely loved this book and every other one in the series! Sophie and Agatha are two students at the School for Good and Evil. Their fates seem to be layed out for them. Sophie -- obviously a student for the School for Good, and Agatha -- quite clearly a student for the School for Evil. But wait -- that's not how they were placed! Along the way, we learn more about their characters, and why Sophie and Agatha were placed in seemingly the wrong schools -- or were they placed in the right schools after all? I recommend this book to young and teen readers that love fantasy and mystery!
    About 3 years ago
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