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    this is about the chinese culture and what desserts they eat.this is during sakura season, they do many different things.
    Almost 6 years ago
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    Desperate times call for desperate measures. With less than 3,000 Giant Pandas left in the wild, researchers in China are doing everything they can, to ensure that the cuddly ma...
    Almost 6 years ago
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    This Article was interesting it really digs in and gives you good details about how and why the volcano erupted. Like for example it says it says that one eruption could have been caused by the tectonic and Eurasian plate shifting. my favorite part about this article is that it tells you about the myths that people made up about how the eruptions made by the volcano.
    Almost 6 years ago
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    I liked this article so much because it has so much info and I learned that pandas only stay with their parents only for eighteen months.Then some of the thing stood out to me like was that they eat other kinds of food not only bamboo.
    Almost 6 years ago
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    i really like this article, because it says ants survive floods by morphing into rafts,and that they can suck honey out of an sponge,and that ants can pick up 20 times its own body weight. its amaziing that they can do all of those things, because they little insects. the conection with me and this story is when i tried to kill some ants by pouring water on them but the didn't die, they were floating in the water.
    Almost 6 years ago
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    I really enjoyed this article because it was extremely interesting. l probably wouldn't have known this if it wasn't for iDOGO. It was so many facts in here I didn't know about. I absolutely love iDOGO ,I can't wait to visit this website again. Thanks iDOGO
    Almost 6 years ago
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