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    I love all the Harry potter books. This book is about Harry, in his first year. It starts off with him finding out about wizards, and getting into Hogwarts. Then it follows him through his school year, and sees him do lots of cool things, like get into the quiditich team and fight a troll. Harry and Ron start the year hating Hermione, and think shes a snob, but then they save her from a troll and she covers for them. They become friends. Then they slowly begin to find out about the Philosiphers Stone or the Sorcerers Stone. They think that Snape is trying to steal the stone, but actually Quirrell is. The path to the Stone is covered in dangerous traps. They end up the book with them getting to the Stone, and Ron is hurt by fighting a giant chess piece, Hermione helps Harry get through a difficult puzzle and Harry ends up fighting Voldemort. Its one of the best books that i have ever read! I love it.
    Over 9 years ago
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