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    Cirque Du Freak was really good. It was about two best friends, Darren and Steve. They both journey together to an illegal freak show where they discover a deadly secret about one of the performers. I liked it because it had a lot of plot twists and I find that very hard to pull off. One of my favorite characters is Annie, Darren's little sister. She is very outgoing and trustworthy. I would recommend this book to people that like to be kept on their toes! I also liked that the writer ended with a cliffhanger which always makes the readers beg for more.
    About 1 year ago
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    By Darren Shan
    About 1 year ago
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    Cirque du Freak was sooo good. I really loved it. Cirque du Freak is about Darren and Steve who are two best friends that get tickets to see an illegal freak show, Cirque du Freak. In the midst of the show, Steve catches something strange, something very peculiar and odd. Steve recognizes one of the performers and his deadly secret... I really liked how the characters had unique characteristics, like how Darren is so nice to his sister but at the same time, he is a curious, young man. Though I disliked how the author didn't tell us how the Tall Man knew all about Darren and Steve, like how he knew their names, how they got their tickets, and where they live.
    About 1 year ago

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