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    This books is awesome and usually I don't get books that make me stay up till midnight but this book right from the start has hooked me into the book. This author is a very clever writer of drawing your attention and making you keep thinking of what is going to happen next. This book has gave me a big laugh and also is a very cool mystery book. Usually mystery books start with a problem and ends with a solution but this book has multiple mysteries and multiple solutions leaving you with a thought of what will happen next in the next book. I thought the author did a really good job of writing this amazing book. The book is about this peculiar 11 year old girl named Friday Barnes who only gets to watch TV when her uncle is here. One day Friday and her Uncle were talking and Friday found out you can get a $50,000 reward if you find the imposter of the diamond. The next day, Friday does not go to school and goes to the bank instead to find out who stole the diamond and with evidence from surveillance cameras, she figures who it is. After receiving $50,000, she plans to go to the most expensive boarding school, Highcrest. She gets hit by a truck and gets hurt. She wakes up in a room with a teacher. Then, she goes back to her dorm room and find a girl name Melanie. She also meets a handsome/smart boy name Ian Wainscott who sabotages Friday for having a better IQ. After a while of solving crimes/mysteries of stolen homework, missing assignments, stolen clocks, and other mysteries, she has a reward from the Headmaster to find info of the Swamp Beast YETI!!! Then, Friday finds who it is and the accuses a teacher. Then at the end of the story the author does a surprising thing he leaves the book with a TO BE CONTINUED... of Friday being arrested by the police. The author just leaves you with a cliffhanger that makes you really mad but happy for the next sequel. Like I personally like and hate cliffhangers since they leave you thinking but you will have to wait a long time to know what really does happen. I thought this was a really really extremely AWESOME book and now this book has changed my FAVORITE BOOK and FAVORITE AUTHOR place to this Author and this Book Series. I mean will these 2 people (Ina and Friday) who are pretending to be enemies that are secretly in love with each other express a relationship? Will Friday get arrested? Will Ian and Friday stop being fake nemesis? I want to read the 2nd book so bad that I wish there were time machines and I can go to the future to read it. I give this book a 130% A++++ and a 10 star out of 5 stars. I recommend this book for and age of around 8-14 around the elementary school and middle school kid but I would also recommend this amazing, fabulous book to everyone from kids to teen to young adults to adults. This book will give you a great and amazing laugh and it will bring your spirit up. This book is for anyone who loves funny books (like me), who loves great, great mystery books (again like me), or who likes a very interesting story with a well thickened detailed plot (also like me). This is a great realistic fiction book and you will never forget this book. I will suggest you try to be like a Detective Hercule Poirot and try to solve the mysteries yourself before she solves it and who did the crime to have some fun while reading this book...Now find a cozy chair a bed to relax on and you shall start reading this fabulous amazing book, Friday Barnes, Girl Detective, By R. A. Spratt.
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