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    this book is about a padawan named Victor Starspeeder, he also has a sister named Christina but we will talk about her later. Victor was transferred to Jedi academy from a place named Obra-skai, at Obra-skai he made many mistakes which all included the force, the force is a main element in being a Jedi. Now let's get to the story, Victor is transferred to Jedi academy while entering he gets pushed aside by someone named Artemis so he thinks that Artemis is a sith. when inside the building, he meets someone named Zach. he thinks that Zach is a Jedi now let's skip to final exams and along the way he finds out that Zach is kinda mean and that Artemis has changed a little and now he is nicer to Victor. during yoda's class, he has to lift rocks with the force and Zach chooses to fling the rocks around with the force but Artemis stops him. and in the final report he geta magnificent grades. in the middle where I skipped is when his sister comes into play and helps him harness the force. after reading this book, you'll want to read the series!
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