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    "I have a dream.. I have a dream.. please send me someone to lava..." This is a short animated film that you will see before Inside Out that runs a mere seven minutes.. But in that short time, it somehow touched everyone in the movie theater's hearts.. and brought them to tears. "Lava" is a beautiful film that teaches you about the wonders of nature, the sorrows of loneliness, and most importantly, the joy of having someone to "lava"... It starts off with a volcano (Uku) all alone on an island... It sees creatures everywhere, in couples, in love.. And Uku wants to experience the same love too.. so he prays every day, every night for someone to "lava"... until he's almost extinct.. But little does he know that another volcano (Lele) is wishing for someone to "lava" too.. They hear each other's prayers and ultimately, make the journey up to the surface where their dreams are fulfilled.. Prepare to fall in "lava" with this short animated film that will touch your heart.. and who knows.. maybe someday.. you'll find someone to "lava" as well...
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