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    You know, I feel kind of bad that the largest rating is ten. You know why? Cause this movie is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! (and I mean it) I literally watched it 24 times and I even made an entire journal about it. If you didn't watch it, you are a loser because you are missing the best movie ever created by a living human. Ya know who's my FAVORITE character? Huh? Benny. Best. Character. EVER. He is so amazing. I wrote an entire 5,000 word entry about him. Everything is AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Over 8 years ago
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    So this book is about two kids that are best friends and they are not afraid of anything. There is a boy and a girl. They have a playdate and they go over to the boy's house. Then they find a secret tunnel and go into it. Then they see a vampire. CREEPY! Then the vampire tries to bite them but is unable to do that because he realizes his teeth are gone. He has went to the future and now will have to go back to his own time that is about 200 years before our time. He takes a bottle full of vampire breath and opens it. Then he goes back in time but he also takes the friends with him by mistake. There are hundreds of vampires in the castle. One girl vampire tricks them and almost bites them. The two friends will have to find the bottle of vampire breath before the vampire because if he finds the bottle first, he will retrieve his teeth and will bite the friends so they turn into vampires. Then, the vampire finds the bottle and that is the end of what I have read. This book is actually very interesting. It is not even too scary for me. Yay!!!!!
    Over 8 years ago
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