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    Saving Mr. Terupt, by Rob Buyea, is the second book of the series of seven people who are in Mr. Terupt’s class. It is based off of the first book because of Mr. Terupt. It starts out with Mr. Terupt being in a coma. I have read all of the books except for the last one Mr. Terupt falls again. Mr. Terupt made it out of his coma and recovered from his accident in the first book because of Mr. Terupt. He will go and teach somewhere else but is still a teacher. I like this book because they are all good and Rob Buyea is a funny author and a good author. So if you like books that are funny you should read this book. WILL MR. TERUPT COME COME BACK TO HIS OTHER SCHOOL? If you want to figure it out, read the book.
    Over 1 year ago
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    By Rob Buyea
    Over 1 year ago

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