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    This book’s genre is folktale and it was written by Annie Barrows.This book is about two best friends that like to be bad. At first, Bean was always bad, she was the second meanest person on the Pancake Court ( their neighborhood). In the middle, Bean was bad and since Bean is bad now. Therefore, everyone is bad. In the end, Bean got a little bit nicer. The main characters are Ivy and Bean. Bean is always mean, naughty, and a show off. Ivy is kind, sweet and has a pure heart. Also, Ivy and Bean are best friends and they both are young. Two key events that happened in the book that can be “added” to the plot is “once you are bad it will turn everyone bad.” So, I think that you can try not to be bad, so nobody will copy you. This is added to the plot because Bean is always bad but Ivy is always kind so if that Bean learns from Ivy. Bean will not be bad and she will be kind and good. The main characters change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story by, when Bean became Ivy's best friend. Ivy was sometimes mean when she just became Bean's friend. Then, when Ivy was mean sometimes, Bean learned from Ivy and now Bean is mean. At, the begnning of the story Bean and Ivy were best friends. But, they were not that much mean. They had many friends on Pancake Court. At, the end of the story Bean’s friends got bad because Bean was bad.On page 7, it states, “ Bean picked her plate and licked the streaks of the leftover syrup.” On page 85, it also states, “ I think that I’ve got the bad,” said Bean and Ivy’s friend.One unanswered question I would like to ask the author is, “ Is Bean going to stay good?” I enjoyed this because Bean is weird and bad and Ivy is always, good, kind. I would recommend this book because when Ivy and Bean were bad that makes everyone bad and I learned that to not be bad or it will affect everyone. So, I think to try not to be bad and be good. Then, everyone will copy and they will turn out to be good, if you are good.
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