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    This book is about a girl named Mari who moves to the United States with her family. Mari and her family are immigrants who are feared from La migra and if they get captured and get deported. Maris sisters, Ofie and Luby are scared that the home security does not come and take them away. Mari has no contact with her mom whatsoever. She takes care of her little sisters and fills in for their Mom. Mari's dad works for the Paquette family. Mari has built up a really big relationship with Mrs. and Mr.Paquette's son, Tyler. The Paqettes were mourning the loss of Grandpa and Tyler thinks the Farm has bad lunch because first was Grandpa died, then Dad's accident. I think this is an amazing book, especially for my classmates. I really recommend this book.
    About 2 years ago
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    By Julia Alvarez
    About 2 years ago
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    This book is about a little girl from Mexico named Mari who moves to the United States and a little boy in the United States named Tyler who both have family issues. Mari is an immigrant from Mexico, who has no contact with her mama and struggles to be a mother to her younger sisters and also struggles to keep faith that her mother will come back to her. Tyler is in the United states he lives on a dairy farm, ever since he grandpa passes and his fathers terrible injury on the farm he thinks the dairy farm has bad luck. This is an AMAZING book me and my classmates love it!! If you love drama this would be an amazing book for you.
    About 2 years ago

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