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    Hatchet is a really good book. It is about a boy named Brian Robeson and he is 13 years old. he is going to Canada to see his dad but it tacks a twist. Some things happen to the pilot and de needs to save himself. Brian will have to survive in the wilderness and sometimes it is good but other times it is brutal. And he has nothing but a hatchet a windbreaker a 20$ bill and his clothes read to find out.
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    This book is one of my favorites! 13-year old Brian Robeson is on his way to see his father after hearing about "the secret" when his plane crashes due to the pilot having a heart attack! He will have to survive the wilderness and make a fire, gather food, water, tools, and materials. Will he survive, or die alone? Read the book to find out!
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    this book starts with a boy named Brian Rosanna on his way to see his father after seeing the "secret" .his mom gave him a hatchet and a wind breaker.while in the plane the pilot has heart attack and then the plane crashed in the woods I for one love this book because it has action, strategy and life lesson's I recommend this book to everyone it also teaches how to build tool that he use to survive will he die or live sand go home find out when you read
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    By Gary Paulsen
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