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    Also I would SOOOOOOOO!!!!! recommend this book to anyone
    Almost 4 years ago
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    I thought that the movie was good I think that people would enjoy reading it because it was a really good movie and it show kids why not to bully people because when you bully them it's going to come back to bit you because if you don't know them you cant just be mean to them you have to get use to them and get to know them better but you can't judge them on how they look or what they do because they might be going thru a hard time and you just making fun of them is wrong. Also I think that the book might be for ages 10+ because they show some things that n might not be appropriate for kinds under to see like the drinking wine and kissing and fighting because you don't want to get it thru there heads thinking they can other places doing that stuff.
    Almost 4 years ago
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    Almost 4 years ago

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