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    hey guys my brother is having surgery ,hes getting new lungs bechase he has PH a bad and rare disease so please think good thoughts my brother is a teen he mite have to stay in the hospitle through Halloween and Christmas so PLEASE good thoughts he is brave and strong i,ll say more a 5pm . we live 3-2 hour away from the hospitle PLEASE GOOD THOUGHTS!!
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    1. Eat some sweats 2. ??? 3. 1 baby sister 4. No :( 5. Mulan (the animated one) 6. French girl been saying this for ages 7. I can't decide! 8. 4th. small! 9. NO just gets in my way 10. I am, I think? will read unlocked because of the cliffhanger ;> No those are just enough great questions, Miss!
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    My 3rd time being in a shoutout...(very happy)
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    cute? I mean the 5yr old who thought of this not yoda
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    I'm not in the army but 3/4 of the girls in my class are...just like Dynamite and Idol and musics~
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    Yay, I just recivied my gift card from DOGO! Thanks a lot DOGO, I loved this program!!
    5 days ago
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    This is an amazing book! You should definitely read all of them. Two have won the games. To the Capitol, it was an act of love. To the districts, it was an act of rebellion. To Katniss, it was confusing--was it love? rebellion? To Peeta it was the luck of love. As the Star-Crossed Lovers from District 12 go on their Victory Tour, it ends up being a disaster. As they return home, Gale and Katniss break their relationship with occasional mentions of Peeta. As they return home, a new Peacekeeper has come and changes 12 forever. And all Katniss can think about is the coming of the Hunger Games. How it will be a Quarter Quell (the recipe for horror). And how she and Peeta will be Mentors. And the relationship between them compared to Gale. And confusion. That would be a word to explain it all. But as they continue on in life, they find out all Peeta and Katniss have been doing was adding to the flame of rebellion But as they here what the 75th Hunger Games will be like, they find out that for this Quarter Quell, "as a reminder to the victors that even the strongest can not overcome the capitol, this year we will be pulling our Tributes from the existing pool of Victors." KATNISS IS GOING BACK INTO THE ARENA! (also we all know who's going to be the boy tribute...) It seems so perfect! For all the rebellion that is going on! A lot of things happen. Deaths of those we (as in the readers) love! Choosing Allies for the games! (The strategy for this game is to be like Career tributes.) An act of rebellion happens multiple times throughout the events before the Games, and it's clearly getting out of control. As they fight again for survival, Katniss's plan this time is to keep Peeta alive. But for this game... will anyone even survive? We all know the Capitol (President Snow especially!) want revenge. So maybe this game wasn't even supposed to have a champion of champions! Or maybe something else will happen... who knows? You read Catching Fire right now. Because along with the name, the rebellion is catching fire and adding to the flame!
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