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    I read The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann and I recommend you people to read it. I would want you to read it because it's exciting, adventurous, but also interesting, and like your going to be amazed after you read the book. One thing that you should be exited is that there's magic! Like who doesn't like magic? A character that is adventurous is Alex because he's always been so curious about things. One interesting part is when each one of a person has there own creative part. The is about these characters who have creativity inside them but this character called High priest Justine that doesn't allow that and those characters are called, Alex, Lani, Megan, and Samhed. Also there are three categories that are called the Unwanteds, the Necessary's, and the Wanteds. After reading this I've felt pretty amazed!
    Almost 5 years ago
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    By Lisa McMann
    Almost 5 years ago

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