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    This book’s genre is history and it was written by Alice K. Flanagan. The Wampanoags lived happily in Michigan until the English came. The leader of the Wampanoags died, and his sons tried to keep the promise, but didn’t keep it and the English attacked the Wampanoags. The main characters are the Wampanoags. They are kind, generous, and had a happy life. Two key events that “added” to the plot was when Massiot, leader of the Wampanoags, died, and when the English attacked. The Wampanoags used to happily live in Rhode Island. Then they had to work in non-Indian communities. On page 48, it says, “American Indians now work in non-Indian communities.” One unanswered question I would like to ask the author is “Were the Wampanoags happy?” I enjoyed the pottery page because it is different from other pages. I would recommend this book because it is a history genre.
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