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    J.K. Rowling The Wizard Behind Harry Potter written by Marc Shapiro, is a unauthorized, non-fiction biography which contains 274 pages and is filled with unknown information about J.K. Rowling. In this book we learn about Joane Kathleen Rowling, commonly referred to as J.K. Rowling's childhood and how she would always read her stories to her sister Di. Joane was very self conscious throughout her life but learned to overcome it and at one point was considered dumb which may have originally made her self conscious although she was very intelligent and smart. We also learn about her nightmare adulthood, incredibly poor, not even being able to afford a piece of paper while also being a single mother constantly losing jobs because of her passion for writing, also dealing with many personal issues. Although this may sound terrible we all know Joane strived and is now living happily also making a lot of income from her Harry Potter books as well as her other books. Joane dealt with many tough things which added to her daily stressful and depressing life such as her mother unprecedentedly dying, and being poor barely being able to afford food for her and her child. It's needless to say Joane worked incredibly hard and it payed off. As well as dealing with personal and financial issues, Joane needed to overcome her personal issues to continue writing, make income, and then overcome her financial issues. Joane never gave up, she got rid of the impediments in her way and kept on working and working and it is clear to see Joane was dubious it would take this much time and effort to write and publish an amazing book. Joane also had a ton of perseverance, see set a goal for herself with the first Harry Potter book, reached it, and then did it again with a second one all the way to a seventh one. I believe the moral of all this and what Joane learned was if you have perseverance and believe you can do it, you can pretty much get out of any tight spot but not without sacrificing time and hard work as shown when Joane was poor and depressed but she had perseverance and believed she could do it. She worked at all hours until her book was complete and eventually got it published and made enough income to support her and her child. I defenelty reccomend this book to all ages because it is intresting to see what your favorite author went through writing books and what their childhood was like. A question I have for Marc Shapiro is what drove you to write about J.K. Rowing? Did you feel there was something that separated her from other authors such as her undying perseverance and passion to write, even giving up chances to have a job, earn money and be able to afford things like food for her and her children?
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