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    Joey (who would later become Joe) and his younger sister, Mary Alice, go to their Grandma Dowdel’s House every summer. They are city folk, so they go into the country every summer. Grandma Dowdel is not your normal grandma. She gets in so much mischief, you would think she is a kid! All that they want is for their grandma to at least take her crazies down a notch! As they grow up, their summers get even crazier! Grandma is always getting into trouble, on land or in water. Win or lose, Grandma will find a way to make her grandchildren happy. They try to go along with her tricks, but something always doesn't go according to plan. They are there for seven summers, but the last one might be the very best. The novel I read was A Long Way From Chicago by Richard Peck. I personally think that this book was amazing. It has cliff hangers, which I really like. I was always wanting to read it because it is just such a good book. My favorite part of the book was the end when Joey passed by Grandma’s house in the troop train and Grandma had lit up the whole house and waved goodbye to Joey. It was awesome that Grandma and Joey got to wave goodbye before he went into war. You would think that Grandma would throw a party at three in the morning to say goodbye, but she was simple and just waved goodbye to her grandson. She was probably thinking of him every single day. My rating out of five stars is a five-star rating. It was a really good book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a funny, energetic, and just wonderful book.
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