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    The book’s genre is biography and it was written by Kate Boehm Jerome and illustrated by David Cain. The story is about a woman who shows she is brave and shows that women can work. It says on pg. 3 “Amelia’s action proved that bravery and brains were not for male only.” The main character of the story is Amelia Earhart because when she was a little girl she wanted to try to fly by using a small buggy. She pulled to the top of the shed. She side down but she bumps into the tree. She then made it not too steep and it was perfect. The two key events that happened in the story are in New York City and the store was the same as her name! It was called Amelia Earhart Flying Suit.” She wears a suit for speeches and she has over two hundred speeches. The main character changes from the beginning to the end by when she was a little girl she loved flying and in the middle she was taught how to fly a plane and each minute cost one dollar. She also helped poor kids that don’t have a family. She bought a plane and she tried to fly to Boston. In the end she wanted to fly all over the ocean but she didn’t fly to all the ocean because she was lost when she was flying in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Some people helped but they did not find the place that she was looking for so she and her plane may land in the ocean. Some people think that she was alive at that time but no one knows if she is alive. One unanswered question I have after reading this book is “who found her plane in the Pacific Ocean”. I have this question because it says she and her plane went into the ocean. I most enjoy this book because she knows how to show that only men can work but women can’t have a job. I would recommend this book because she was a pilot but it does not mean that she comes from a cover wagon, it means that she has a special spirit.
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    By Kate Boehm Jerome
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