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    The book “Hatchet” is really good! The only reason I would rate it a 4 star is because toward the middle of the story, it got a little boring. Some chapters were just about him getting food or searching in the forest. Besides this, the book was great and had a lot of cliff hangers at the end of chapters and you wouldn't know what would happen next. For example, I thought the book was going to be about friendship of a wolf and a boy but it was completely different. SPOILERS!! My favorite part was the end because it made me happy that he got rescued. Gary Paulsen made a great story and I would recommend it to everyone! Most books I dislike but this one was just over the top and I would definitely read it again!This book is appealing to just about every age and both boys and girls would think this book is magnificent! Brian Robeson was a strong character and I think he was a great role for the story and I wouldn't pick anyone else. All the events that happened in the book just made it 10 times better! If you are searching for a book to read, I would definitely recommend trying Hatchet!
    Over 2 years ago
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    You are probably used to the luxury of having food available to you for every meal of every day of every week of every month. But not all kids can enjoy this luxury... at least not for long. Brian Robeson, the son of divorced parents, has experienced an extreme deterioration in the happiness of his life, and he's about to make it worse. It's the beginning of summer and Brian flies on a rickety plane with an old pilot all the way to go to Canada to reunite with his father. Nothing could go wrong, right? Unfortunately, that's not true. While hovering over the middle of the forest, the engine of the plane dismantles, and Brian crashes into the middle of nowhere. He has no idea where he is. But he only has to things on his mind: 1) He has to fend for himself. 2) He has to keep his fingers crossed that someone will come for him. Personally, this book has been one of the most adventurous books I've ever read. This is not only because the adventure the character experiences is unique, but also because the moral the character learns from the book of being able to be independent is important.
    Over 2 years ago
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    By Gary Paulsen
    Over 2 years ago
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    This book was very entertaining and had lots of good parts to it. I liked that it was from the dogs perspective and from the humans perspective. It had somewhat a lot of animals killing each other but, that is just part of the life cycle. I loved the ending of the book.
    Over 2 years ago

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