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    How would you feel if you had to leave your family, to get away from a very dangerous and hurtful situation? If you’ve ever expericend something of that sort I would recomend the book The Good Braider by Terry Ferish, You may be able to relate, depending on a struggle youve gone through. This book may be something that makes you feel good, like you have another person feeling the same way as you, or been through the same situation as you. In this book a girl named Viola from Sudan Africa, moved to Portland Maine, because of the way she was poorly treated in her Country, she experienced a lot of harsh and disturbing things while staying in her country, all though she was tired of being treated terrible, she didn’t want to leave her family and other things behind. This book is very deep and I personally would not recommend 12 under, there's very harsh topics maybe a child isn't ready to hear about quite yet. The book is very good and educational.
    6 months ago
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    By Terry Farish
    6 months ago

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