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    We're Not From Here is about a kid whose mom is the commander of the mars moving project because earth is in ruins. but one day they got a message from an unknown planet 3 galaxies away once they decoded the message they found out that the planet was habetable they asked if they could move there because mars was not working for them they got a message back saying that they could move there. So they started working on a rocket that could take the whole human population with them. When the rocket was done they took off and the journey would take 20 years then they were put into hyper suspension. 20 years later they arrive at choom. On choom they have gotten a new government that does not want any more species because 2 years ago they ended up killing one of the species called the nug. So they are not welcome on choom anymore two years later they get them to let them on choom and everyone is saved. I liked this book because I like the scenario very much. If you like funny novels you will like this book
    Almost 2 years ago
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    By Geoff Rodkey
    Almost 2 years ago

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