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    I read this book in the middle of the night because it was just so captivating! Mark, who has extremley rich parents, is moving to a new town and school. He goes to school, and it is clear his teacher doesn't like him. That's because he thinks Mark is lazy because his family is wealthy. It's not really fair, so Mark uses the week in the woods field trip to prove his teacher wrong. Can he do it?
    3 days ago
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    I recommend this amazing series because it gives you an understanding view of a unpopular girl who has just moved, has a crush, and doesn't have any friends. Throughout the book, Nikki Maxwell discovers many things, like that her enemy, Mackenzie Hollister, has a crush on the same guy as her! How will Niki survive middle, win her school art competition, get a phone, or not, and get her crush to herself?
    3 days ago
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    Ok, this book was really good! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. SO Nikki Maxwell and her band, Actually, I'm not really sure yet, are going to have their own tv show! But having their own tv show might not be as cool as they thought. Mackenzie is trying to steal the spotlight, and Nikki and Brandon's friendship is starting to grow farther apart. And being followed around wherever she goes isn't as good as she thought either. What will she do?
    3 days ago
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    This book is kind of weird, but it was good nonetheless. Nikki was just playing dodgeball in her pe class when Mackenzie hits her on the head with a ball. Nikki goes unconscious and enters her brain is a state of panic. Why? Because she ended up in a world of fairy tales! How will she get back home? Or does she not want to?
    3 days ago
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    Nikki has her birthday party all planned out! She was so excited to make her party the best Weschester day has ever seen, until her mom ruins it all by saying she has a budget and can't have a good party. Instead, she'll have a small party and have belly dancers as entertainment! Oh no! Nikki's party will be a disaster! Unless..... I liked this book. It was one of my favorites, and I bet it will be yours too!
    3 days ago
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    Nikki really hopes that Brandon will ask her to go to the halloween dance with him, but she immediately deflates when she hears the Mackenzie was asked instead! To make matters worse, she agrees to go to the dance with her best friends as a clean up committee! And she has to help out at BRIANNA's halloween event. But when Brandon asks Nikki to go to the dance, Nikki figures out that Mackenzie was lying this whole time and now she has to do three things at once? WIll she be able to do it!? I loved this book!!!!
    3 days ago
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    i liked the book it was very intertaned and funny i liked the part when he ran outside and put mud on his face :):)
    6 days ago
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