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    Let me start by saying that I completely respect your opinion! But, on the contrary, I believe that with the growth of technology, different jobs will be created and appear. There are, of course, some implications. These include the possibility of malfunction (although this can be worked around to some degree)or the fact that humans are very social creatures and by taking away adult socialization at school, it could have a negative impact on social growth. On the other hand, this could be an ingenuitive solution to many problems! It works as a tutor system, which may aid in providing education to children without the need to hire an actual person, or it may be helpful to children that need a more patient kind of education. Anyway, thank you for hearing my opinion. I hope the future holds a compromise between helpful technological advancements and advancement in social systems. - Jayne, 8th grade
    Over 2 years ago
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    hey! i found this article very interesting and intriguing, as the modern world and future generations could use ingenuitive solutions and inventions like these far more frequently in the future. very cool article!
    Over 2 years ago

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