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    In modern technology, the fact that computers are becoming smarter is quite noticeable. Although, technology doesn't have a creative way of thinking, Google's Alpha Go computer algorithm beat 18 time world champion Lee Sedol, at the 3000 year old ancient Chinese game, called Go. The reason this caused many questions is because this game has an unlimited amount of moves and possibilities. Because of this, people thought that a machine can't possibly think of all the possible outcomes and never be able to outsmart a human let alone a world champion. However this all changed on March 9th to the 15th, when the match was held between the two. Alpha Go amazed everyone with its clear win , winning four out of the five games played. To think that robots could start taking over our jobs, and over our lives is scary.
    About 7 years ago
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    On March 2, of this year, a spacecraft landed in Kazakhstan. The spacecraft had passenger Scott Kelly who is an American astronaut, and Mikhail Kornienko a Russian cosmonaut, who had returning from a 340 day mission on the ISS (International Space Station). While in space, the two astronauts orbited Earth 5,440 times, traveling 143,840,000 miles in space and saw over 10,900 sunrises and sunsets. Also, Scott Kelly conducted three spacewalks and Kornienko participated in one of them. The astronauts also did lots of experiments to learn how the human anatomy is effected by spaceflight. Since the mission ended, Scott Kelly has retired and is now enjoying his life with his loving family as well as some other things he couldn't enjoy in space. However, he still has to go through a lot of testing to provide researchers a better understanding of the human body in space. They will then compare his results to Scott's twin brother Mark Kelly because they have identical DNA.
    About 7 years ago
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    2 million people a year get diagnosed because of concussions. The only real problem is that even more than 2 million don't get examined which can lead to long-term head aches, memory loss or it can even cause depression. This can change because of Dr. Linda Papa's idea for a blood test. They tested for a lot of different things and in the end they could correctly identify 97% of mild to moderate concussions.
    About 7 years ago

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