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    This book's genre is realistic fiction and it was written by Mary Pope Osborne. So one day Jack came out of school he went to the tree house and he found a book that took him to India and his goal was to find an emerald rose but it was in a castle to get in they had to act like ambassadors. The main character is Jack and he is helpful to people. For example Jack was walking and saw a problem that someone fell so he went and asked if you were okay and helped other people from helping it. Two key events that happened in the story is Jack and Annie almost got eaten by a King Cobra. I think it added to the plot because it was a big problem. Next when the Great Mogul spoke to Jack and Annie it was a great break in history because he never talks to anyone that he doesn't know.The main character is very kind because he is always watching out for other people. For example, a kid was walking and got hurt so the main character leaped into action. One unanswered question I have is why only about India? What I enjoyed about my book is when Jack and Annie drank a shrink potion and was 3 inches. I would recommend this book because it has easy words and tells you about India.
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    Magic tree house books have facts so that means when you're bored you can just go to you're local library and check out some amazing magic tree house books .yesterday I went to the library and Just happen to come upon some magic tree house books I rummaged through the books just in time to see the book crazy day with the cobras.If you're local library doesn't have magic tree house books don't start freaking out the rancho peñasquitos library . I love magic tree house books! Do you?
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