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    This book is so good! I'm in the middle of the book, and I absolutely love it! Its not one of those mystery, cliff -hanger book, but it still keeps me up at night, wondering what's going to happen in the book in the morning when I read it. I also like it because it feels so real! I don't know what kind of books you like, but I think this one is AMAZING!
    About 2 years ago
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    aaawwww!!!!! that is so cool! I think its better for her to surf and love what she's doing than what she can't do! my dog hates the water so I guess he's never doing that. 😝
    About 2 years ago
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    By R. J. Palacio
    About 2 years ago
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    this is so amazing that the got all thirteen out! an amazing miracle! I also read this book called all thirteen about the cave rescue, if you guys liked this article, then you should totally read it!
    About 2 years ago
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    About 2 years ago

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