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    Visualise yourself in school, when fighter jets start attacking your village. You’re forced to leave into the bush, to escape all the mayhem. You spend years running away from the fighting, and trying to survive. The book “A Long Walk to Water” by Linda Sue Parker is a great representation of this. A boy named Salva Dut is in school, when his village falls under attack. He rushes into the deserts of Africa to stay away from the fighting. After a couple years of walking, he finds a refugee camp in Kenya, Africa. There is a 6 year time skip, when the Kenya camp is forced to shut down. Salva and a group of people leave back into the deserts of Africa once again. While crossing the Nile river, many of the group die by the mouths of alligators. Salva soon becomes the leader of the group, which is now known as “The Lost Boys”. The lost boys soon come across another refugee camp. Salva meets a man who helps teach him to read and write in English. A rumor starts to spread, about the leaders of the camp bringing people to America, Salva is one of them. He gets on a plane that brings him to NYC, to meet his new family. Salva goes to college, and lives like he’s been there his whole life, until he gets an email. This email said that there’s a chance Salva’s real father is still alive. Salva flies to South Sudan, and visits the hospital his father is currently in. He learns his father got sick due to waterborne diseases. When Salva returns to NYC, he starts his non-profit organization, which is now known as “Water for South Sudan”. Want to know what happens next? Then I’d definitely start reading this book; it’s full of adventure and drama; so if you like that type of story, this book is perfect for you. I’d recommend this book for grades 5+.
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