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    One day the king of cornucopia , King Fred was called selfish and cruel by a little girl named Daisy. Unlike normal , King Fred took it to heart , and decided to go do something not selfish and cruel. Which was going to find the ickabog . Many people didn't believe in the ickabog but king Fred needed to do this , for the town! When he is there ( in this woods ) he doesn't think at all that the ickabog is real .But when a homeless guy comes to king Fred and asks for help , he agrees . Even know he says that the ickabog took his dog. When out of no wear king Fred sees the ickabog ( or he things he did . ) but when Lord spittleworth accidentally shoots his gun ( out of fear ) and shoots major beamish , Lord spittleworth knew he had to make up an excuse , so he wouldn't get blamed. He says that the ickabog did it . King Fred instantly gets scared . Throughout the rest of the book Lord spittleworth just keeps getting himself in more and more trouble . He keeps making up lies and killing people or putting them in prisoner to cover up his mistakes . Will spittleworth get caught ? Is the ickabog even real? You'll have to read to find out. I loved this book!!I rate it a 5/5 stars! J K Rowling did a great job with this book. I also loved how there was many drawings through out the story done by kids . I recommend this book for all ages . Thank you very much for this advanced readers book! 😁- Pizzagirl7💋
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    I am going to read it
    About 1 hour ago
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    I absolutely enjoyed this novel! I loved how the illustrations are made from children and their imaginations! I would recommend this novel to any of my friends! Two friends, Bert Beamish and Daisy Dovetail have to go on a dangerous path when their homeland, Cornucopia, is threatened by an evil menace known as the Ickabog. Although they have to face some dangers on their journey, some people thought the monster was just a story and there is no Ickabog at all! But they have to question their judgement when Lord Spittleworth, the king's advisor, takes over the land and threatens to kill anyone who goes against his beliefs of the Ickabog. But there are too many holes that have not been filled when it comes to the monstrosity. Soon, Bert, Daisy, and their fellow citizens must think whether the legend of the Ickabog is true, or just part of one big, twisted plot.
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    Journey into the land of Cornucopia! Where king Fred the fearless reigns, the tastiest cheeses, wines, meats and pastries are made as well as where the Ickabog lives. Well MIGHT live. Everyone thinks the Ickabog is just a tale to frighten children. But what if it were true? So one day after being called vain and selfish by a child, King Fred decides to show how NOT selfish and NOT vain he is by helping a poor Marshlander rescue his dog from the Ickabog. But really this is just a façade to make himself feel better as everyone knows the Ickabog is fake.....well at least everyone thinks so until the king sees the Ickabog and Major Beamish is supposedly killed by it! But really Major Beamish was shot and Lord Spittleworth decides to reap the benefits of the unfortunate accident by proclaiming he was killed by the Ickabog and the country now needs to pay the Ickabog tax (most of which goes straight into his pocket). Things soon spiral out of control, and Cornucopia is in need of serious help! Read this book to find out if Lord Spittleworth gets away with all his lies and treachery or if he is brought to justice! I had different expectations for this book since I know J.K Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series. But, after realizing that this is supposed to be a whole different type of book I enjoyed it! I really loved how there are children's illustrations used throughout this book, I think it adds a really nice touch. I think this book would be a great book to be read-aloud before bed during thanksgiving time!
    About 1 hour ago
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    Because I’m one of those people who always want something new to read, I was extremely glad to receive The Ickabog from DOGO. As soon as I got the book in the mail, I started reading. I immediately fell in love with the amazing illustrations, intriguing storyline, and just the idea of an original fairy tale. I’m not a big fan of stories that start with “once upon a time”, but this book lured me in. Calling all readers—get ready to dive into an adventure you will never forget. Get ready to read the Ickabog! Summary: Welcome to Cornucopia. This tiny country is home to some of the world’s most delectable delicacies—from pastries that taste so good they make you cry in ecstasy to the best cream cheese you’ll find anywhere. Cornucopia is ruled by King Fred the Fearless, and everything has always been peaceful under his reign—until Mrs. Dovetail, his seamstress, dies after being overworked one day. Mrs. Dovetail’s daughter Daisy accuses Fred of being vain and cruel, but the king’s determined to prove her wrong. He gets the perfect opportunity to do this when a poor shepherd from the Marshlands—the only poverty-stricken part of Cornucopia—comes to see him, begging for his help. The shepherd speaks of a vicious, invisible monster called the Ickabog which stole his dog—but monsters aren’t real....or are they?
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    I wish I had this book! When I get a chance to read it, I'll write a review here!
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    By J K Rowling
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