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    Title: Whatever After, Dream On Author: Sarah Mlynowski Dream On was about a girl called Abby, having a sleepover with, one of her best friends, Robin at her house. She also had a seven year old brother, named Jonah. They had a magic mirror in their basement which even Robin did not know about. If you knocked on the mirror for three times, the fairy in the mirror, Rosemary, would send you to a fairytale land. That night, both of decided to go to bed for just 30 minutes as they were very tired, but they overslept. Just around midnight, Abby woke up and realised she had overslept. So she called out to Robin and realised that Robin was missing. Thus, she asked Jonah for help to look for Robin. They went to the basement quietly as they heard some noise in the basement. In her sleep, Robin knocked onto the mirror three times causing Jonah, Abby and Robin to go to the Fairytale land of Sleeping Beauty. There, they climbed many plights of stairs and reached a tiny room. There, a friendly witch was spinning a spindle. She introduced herself to the children and told them she was the daughter of evil Charlotte. Charlotte was the witch who had cursed Sleeping Beauty that she would die when she pricked her finger on the spindle's needle. Robin, who was still sleepy, pricked her elbow on the spindle. I dont want to spoil your suspense. I reccomend you to read this its an awewsome book. I am also Student111. You can also follow me.
    Almost 7 years ago
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    By Sarah Mlynowski
    Almost 7 years ago

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