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    sense the electric fields were used to melt it at room temperature it makes sense I think because it is called a electric field and won't that electric field so round the thing it is melting and so my question is how would to room temperature effect the field so rounding it if there is a field so rounding it.
    Almost 3 years ago
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    Why was computer science not a thing in the first place schools started using then in the 1980 s you would think maybe they would have computer science it would be some what understandable if computer science was not a subject in the 1980 s but still maybe when computers got some what more advanced like maybe in the 2004 when Janice Cuny first tried something about this because computers were going to get more advanced in the future I mean I bet anyone could have guessed computers would get more advanced then it was already.
    Almost 3 years ago

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