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    The theme of this story is meeting her grandparents for the first time, for example in the story the grandfather tells Amy to come to his grave stone the third night of his death and call his name, Amy needs to learn that those tricks never works. Also one of the main lessons to be learned is to never sneak out of your house during the night or day. Another main lesson to be learned is if your grandfather punched your mother in the jaw you probably don't want to go see him no matter what. Amy also learns why her mom didn't want to see her father. Finally Amy's grandmother was the nicer one out of her and Amy's grandfather because she made Amy hot coco cookies and gave her some tea. I'd rate this book a, "3 out of 10" and the illustrations a, "6 out of 10". I'd recommend this book for the people who like sci-fi spooky books. One unanswered question is how did Amy's grandmother hear her leave the house?
    Over 4 years ago
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