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    the book that I read is called "Elon Musk and the quest for a fantastic future" this book is a autobiography and was written by a Ashlee Vance . this is a nonfiction story. The life of Elon Musk had a lot of hard ships to it such as bullies he was beat up by a group of boys.He was not popular kid ether.He was more of a nerd but he learned a lot of life lessons from it though a cuple of them where never give up and do not listen to the people who bring you down. For example when his dad said"you should be like me all of this technology stuff is a waist of time". also another lesson that he learned was do what you love. These lessons are important even though he was made fun of that did not stop him he took them as complments and moved on with his life he became super sucsesful in life from all of the lessons that he learned. All of the lessons that he learned were vary inportant to his carer but the all time lesson was don't listen to the people that bring you down because if he listen to the dad or the buliyes he would have a bad life it would be ruend by them. In conclusion I would recimend this book because the life lessons that he learned as a kid to a man it teaches a lot of lessons in this book he was wounse a nerd to a billionare there are meany unawnserd questions such as "why did you not stand up for what is right?"lastly I recimend this book it is a fantastic story on a famos persons life.
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