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2008 International Tokyo Toy Fair

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This weekend, the island of Odaiba, off the coast of Tokyo, Japan was home to the annual 2008 International Toy Fair, one of the most important toy exhibitions in the world. The event was attended by thousand of people, both young and old, all drooling over the latest toy innovations.

Happy 50th Birthday To The Hula Hoop!

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June 19th, 2008, marked the 50th anniversary of one of the most popular toys ever to be introduced in America - the giant colorful plastic ring known as the Hula Hoop. Though other more sophisticated toys have superseded the simple hoop, it remains a favorite among both adults and kids and is still a mainstay in almost every American household.

Molly - The Incredible New Orleans Pony

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Molly the pony's story begins on August 28th 2005, after hurricane Katrina decimated the city of New Orleans. Abandoned by her owners, Molly spent a few weeks on her own before being rescued along with other abandoned animals by Kaye Harris. However, Molly's troubles were far from over!

Charmin(g) Wedding Dresses

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Hundreds of budding designers got the chance to showcase their talents by designing wedding dresses for the fourth annual "Cheap Chic Weddings 2008 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest". However, these creations were not made from finest silks or satin, but from rolls and rolls of toilet paper, bound together by glue and tape.

Californian's Win Battle Against Aerial Spraying

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Last week, we brought you the story of how this innocent-looking light brown Apple Moth had the people of California up in arms against the agricultural officials. Well it sounds like the people of California have won this battle!

This Dog's a Klutz!

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If there were a competition for the clumsiest dog in the world, 12-year old Chester would be a strong contender and most possibly the winner. For this British Lurcher is such a klutz, that he is always falling over things or getting stuck in weird places. It started the day his owner, Jim rescued him from an animal shelter about four years ago.

This Robot Keeps Going And Going And Going. . . .

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Watch out Energizer bunny, here comes Evolta, a feisty little robot.  Powered by two AA batteries made by the Japanese Company, Panasonic, Evolta climbed and climbed for almost seven hours up a rope hung from a steep Grand Canyon cliff.

MIT Professor Reveals The Beauty Of Science

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He may look like the absent-minded professor from the movie "Back to the Future", but 71-year old Walter Levin is one of the world's most popular professors, thanks to his unconventional ways of revealing the beauty of science to his students and people all around the world. 

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