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Famous Stuntman's Son Sets New Record

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As the son of Evel Knievel, one of the most daring and successful stuntman who ever lived, Robbie Knievel has big shoes to fill. However on Saturday, he proved he could not only live up to his legendary father, but actually outdo him.

World's Smallest Helicopter

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Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci, who painted the famous 'Mona Lisa', was also an amazing inventor. Amongst other things, he designed several flight machines, including the world's first vertical flight machine or helicopter.

Spacecraft Lands Successfully on Mars

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The NASA Phoenix Lander Spacecraft's nine month, 455 million mile journey came to a successful end yesterday as it safely touched down on the surface of the Red Planet. NASA Scientists waited with abated breath as the spacecraft slowed from speeds of over 12,000 mph to just about 5mph before coming to a complete halt.

Australian Mother-Daughter Team Conquer Seven Summits

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Dubbed 'Oz Chicks with Altitude", Cheryl Bart and her 23-year old daughter, Nikki, became the first mother-daughter team to climb the peak of Mount Everest on Sunday. They also became the first mother-daughter team to climb the 'Seven Summits'-the highest peaks in each continent.

Pretty Polly - Not Just a Pretty Face!

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Yosuke, a red-tailed African Grey Parrot has become a celebrity of sorts in Japan and for good reason too - When he recently escaped from his cage and got lost he did exactly what his parents had taught him to do - recite his name and full address to people he felt he could trust.

A Cool Piece of Art Links London and New York City

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Want to say hello to friends, family or even strangers who live in London, England without flying over. If you live in New York City, this is now possible, thanks to the Telectroscope, a 37 by 11 ft. device that allows people to see each other across the Atlantic.

11-Year Old Sixth-Grader Wins National Geographic Bee

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On Wednesday, 11-year old Akshay Rajagopal from Nebraska, triumphed over five million kids nationwide, to win the 20th annual National Geographic Bee Contest, held in Washington D.C.

'Hello Kitty' - Japan's New Tourism Ambassador

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Hello Kitty has come a long way since her humble beginnings as a sketch on notepads and diaries. She is so popular in China and Hong Kong that she was recently named "tourism ambassador". That means she will promote tourism to the two countries on behalf of the Japanese Government.

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