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Dramatic Sea Rescue near Southern Ireland

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Earlier this month, the seriously injured captain of cargo ship Horncliff and some of its crew members had to be airlifted by the Royal Navy in a dramatic mid-sea rescue.

Mzee and Owen - a heart-warming valentine story

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What do a 130-year old tortoise and a one-year old hippo have in common? Absolutely nothing - just a great friendship ! Welcome to the amazing story of Mzee and Owen, two animals that met on the shores of Kenya in a small town called Mombasa.

PaintDancing - what will they think of next?

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We have heard of disco dancing, line dancing, belly dancing, street dancing and even square dancing. But PaintDancing? What will they think of next?

Bionic Power - generate electricity while you walk!

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Talk about the ultimate green power! - Harness your own energy to generate electricity that can charge your cell phone, ipod and even your flashlight while on a hike. The possibilities are endless............

Space Shuttle Atlantis finally blasts off

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After months of delay, Space Shuttle Atlantis finally blasted off into space yesterday, carrying with it Europe's gift to the International Space Station, a $2 billion (US Dollars), science lab named Columbus.

Happy New Year - from China

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February 7th marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year 4,706 - The year of the Rat. The fifteen-day long celebration that starts on the eve of the New Year, is the most important holiday for the Chinese people.

Southern U.S. States Hit By Powerful Tornadoes

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Powerful tornadoes swept through the Southern U.S. States of Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi and Alabama. The storms, which hit Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, are the worst ones to strike the area over the last decade.

Super Duper Tuesday Update

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The results of Super Duper Tuesday are out and while people who voted for the Republican Party seem to have chosen the person they want to represent them for the final elections, voters for the Democratic party remain divided.

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