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He really did not want to go to school

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10-year old Diego Martinez, felt like most of you did this past week! - He did not want to go back to school after the Christmas break.  Instead of coming up with the usual excuses of headache or tummy ache, he decided to do something more creative..................

The Ultimate Adoption!

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No your eyes are not deceiving you! Those are four little piglets "disguised" as tigers, sleeping soundly on their mama a 6-year old Bengal tiger, called Sai Mai.  Apparently, this is not the first time Sai Mai has raised piglets - she has been doing it since she was two-years old.

A Car That Can Drive Itself!

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A car that will drive, accelerate and brake at the right time, change lanes to avoid traffic and be able to park; all without a driver! This is the car of the future! And General Motors, America's biggest car company hopes to be the first one to bring it to you.

Big winter storms cause Levee break in Nevada town

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The big storm system that hit California and Nevada on Friday, not only caused the normal headaches of power outages and road flooding, but was also responsible for the breaking of a levee wall in the small  desert town of Fernley, Nevada.

Calling all Hannah Montana Fans!

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In case you are like most of us and couldn't get tickets to the "Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus - Best of both Worlds Concert", here is your chance to view a 3-D movie version in theatres.

The Real-Life "Lost" Episode

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Much like the TV show "Lost", eleven Russian fishermen were shipwrecked (in the show it's an air crash) in a remote region in Russia. The fishermen spent three months here before finally being rescued on January 5th.

7-Year Old Skater Eyes World Record

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7-year old Aniket Chindak already holds the record of skating under 57 cars no more than 8 inches above the ground, in 45 seconds. Now this resident of Belgaum in Western India, wants to break his own record by skating under 100 cars in record time.

Volcano Erupts In Chile, South America

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One of Chile's most active volcanos erupted on January 2nd scaring a lot of people who live in the area. The Llama volcano in Chile's Conguillo National Park, sent a plume (cloud) of smoke nearly 12,500 meters into the air after erupting on Tuesday evening.

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