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The Spectacular Spider-Man

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Calling all Spider-Man fans - the first animated Spider-Man show in a decade - "The Spectacular Spider-Man" aired it's first two back-to-back episodes on kids WB on the CW Network today at  if you missed it, catch it next Saturday at the same time.

"Stiletto Run" in Amsterdam

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If these determined runners look a little different from your normal sprinters - they are. They are on a very important mission - a quest to win 10,000 euros (about 12,000 U.S. Dollars), towards a shopping spree. The only wrinkle - they have to ditch their sneakers for stilettos (high heeled shoes).

Move Over Bicycles - Here Comes the StreetSurfer!

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Just as you are getting used to a two-wheeler - comes a five wheeler, except it is way cooler! The StreetSurfer is the first real innovation in bicycles since their invention in 1818, and people who have ridden it claim that it is much better in many aspects.

It's a bird, It's a plane - It's a RoboSwift

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Inspired by the Common Swift (a kind of bird), one of nature's most efficient flyers, the RoboSwift, is a small aircraft designed by aerospace engineering students at Delft University of Technology and Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

Knut - the Movie Star!

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Knut the adorable polar bear made headlines last year, when his mother a resident of the Berlin Zoo in German, abandoned him. Since then, Knut has become a star of sorts, with a book about his life, his own blog and now a documentary on the first year of his life.

Japanese snow monkeys beat the chill by soaking in hot springs

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If you ask the snow monkeys in Japan, there is nothing like a dip in the hot tub to beat the chill! On cold winter days hundreds of them can be spotted in the hot springs of Jigokudani Valley (Hell's Valley), in Central Japan.

Computer problems? - call Nia Zui

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7-year old Nia Zui, a first-grade student in the Guangxi Province of Southern China has already earned the nickname of IT Master!

French Chocolate maker displays some unusual wares

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A French chocolate maker displayed some very unusual "chocolates" during the recent opening of its shop in Hong Kong.  A lot of the "ornaments" had never been displayed to the public prior to this.

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