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The Real-Life "Lost" Episode

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Much like the TV show "Lost", eleven Russian fishermen were shipwrecked (in the show it's an air crash) in a remote region in Russia. The fishermen spent three months here before finally being rescued on January 5th.

7-Year Old Skater Eyes World Record

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7-year old Aniket Chindak already holds the record of skating under 57 cars no more than 8 inches above the ground, in 45 seconds. Now this resident of Belgaum in Western India, wants to break his own record by skating under 100 cars in record time.

Volcano Erupts In Chile, South America

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One of Chile's most active volcanos erupted on January 2nd scaring a lot of people who live in the area. The Llama volcano in Chile's Conguillo National Park, sent a plume (cloud) of smoke nearly 12,500 meters into the air after erupting on Tuesday evening.

Mmmm . . . . Yummy eggs ! — Oops They Are Golf Balls!

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This greedy python in Brisbane, Australia mistook four golf balls for eggs and quickly devoured them. The golf balls had been left in the chicken coop by the owners to try encourage the hens to lay more eggs.

Remote Festival Attracts Fans From All Over The World

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It takes hours of travel across sandy dunes and rocky terrain to get to one of the world's most remote music festivals. However, this doesn't seem to deter fans of Mali's "Festival of the Desert", who make the pilgrimage annually in mid-January.


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Welcome to 2008! We wish all our DOGONews readers the very best in 2008.  Let's kick back with a glass of sparkling Apple Cider and enjoy the spectacular shows from all across the Globe.

Spunky 11-Year-Old Survives Avalanche

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Mark Zilvitis and his father Brian were skiing down a double black diamond slope at The Canyons Ski Resort in Park City, Utah when an avalanche hit them. Both father and son got buried in the deep snow. While Brian was able to pull himself out, there was no sign of Mark.

Merry Christmas! - Now let's fight!

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While most of us sit back and relax after a big Christmas meal, residents of Peru like to work it off with a friendly fist fight. The traditional festival known as Takanakuy or 'fighter' starts with dancing and a religious procession.

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