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Coming Soon - The World's Biggest Butterfly House

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The United Kingdom will soon be home to the world's largest butterfly house. When ready in March 2011, the $50 million U.S. Dollar project is expected to showcase over 10,000 butterflies and 250 different species.

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano provides a feast for the eyes

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The Islands of Hawaii, USA usually associated with beautiful serene beaches is also home to another amazing attraction - active volcanoes. And right now one of its youngest volcanoes, Kilauea is spewing out some spectacular lava on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Ace That Long Division Test!

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In previous issues of DOGONews,we have brought you fun and easy to learn multiplication tricks from Now here's a fun and easy way to solve long division less than six seconds of course! You are sure to impress your teachers and friends.

This Fifth-Grader Was Definitely Paying Attention in Class

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Eleven-year old Kevin Stufflebeam, a fifth grader from Allegan, Michigan sure knows his historical facts. In fact, he knows them so well that he recently corrected an 18-year old mistake at the Smithsonian Institutional's Museum of Natural History in Washington.

Move Over Harry Potter - Here Comes Tintin

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This Fall, DreamWorks Pictures and director Steven Spielberg willl start the production of the first of three movies based on Belgium's swashbuckling comic book hero Tintin. While relatively unknown in North America, the comic book series which has sold over 200 million copies worldwide and been translated into 50 different languages, continues to be popular in Europe, 70 years after they were first published.

Olympic torch begins a historic 130-day journey from Beijing

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The symbolic Olympic torch arrived in Beijing, China from Athens, Greece to kick of a 130-day historic relay, counting down to the Summer Olympics. The new Olympic torch, shaped like a Chinese scroll was received with much fanfare by China's President Hu Jintao and thousands of people waving red and white pompoms.

Winners of the DOGONews/Nickelodeon Kids Choice 2008 contest

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Hope you all had fun watching the slimy Nickelodeon Kids Choice 2008 awards on Saturday. We sure did. Now it's time for us to announce the DOGONews contest winners. We were very impressed with your predictions - Most of you got were able to correctly predict three of the six categories.

Without further ado, the winners of the first of many DOGONews contests are.....................

The Oldest Recorded Human Voice

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It is a mere 10-second clip of the French song "Au Clair de La Lune" - yet this first ever known human voice recording by Frenchman Edourado-Leon Scott in April of 1860, has changed history.

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