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A Wildlife Safari - In the heart of the California's Wine Country

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While Sonoma County in Northern California is known for its Wine Region, few people know about its other attraction - Safari West.  Home to over 400 exotic African mammals and birds from all over the world - many of which are endangered or extinct in the wild, this amazing place is open for visitors year-round.

Bindi Irwin unveils her own line of toys

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Bindi Irwin, star of the T.V. show - "Bindi the Jungle Girl", was in New York earlier this week, along with her brother Bob and mother Terri, to unveil her own line of Australian Zoo Playsets, Plush Toys (soft cuddly toys) and even a look-alike talking doll called "Bindi".

Gustavo Dudamel - the new music maestro!

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The world of classical music is buzzing with excitement these days thanks to an amazingly talented young conductor called Gustavo Dudamel. At just 27 years of age, he is scheduled to become the conductor for the LA Philharmonic, one of the best Orchestra's in America, when the current conductor retires in 2009.

How About a Spin, Er Swim in My New Car?

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Welcome to the latest innovation in automobiles, a car that can run on land and underwater - if it reminds you of a James Bond movie, you are not the only ones.

A best selling compact disc - that only your dog can hear!

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The best selling CD in New Zealand, aptly named, "A very silent night", is one you will never be able to hear. It has been recorded at a frequency only your pooch can listen to.

Around the world in 195 days (and 6 hours) - on a bicycle

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Twenty-five year-old Mark Beaumont was on a mission - he wanted to establish a new record for being the fastest man around the world on a bicycle - and establish he did.  He completed the trip in about 195 days, breaking the existing world record of 276 days, set by Steven Strange, by a whopping 81 days!

Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday, Feb 20th

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If you live anywhere in the America's, Europe, Africa or Western Asia, get ready for a treat of a lifetime on Wednesday, February 20th - A full eclipse of the moon (a lunar eclipse). While this is the third lunar eclipse in the past year, it is the last one until December 2010. Also it comes with an added bonus.

A soccer prodigy (wonder)!

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Archie Oates was only five years old when he was "discovered" by a soccer talent scout (people who look for kids with exceptional soccer skills).  As a result, Archie who is now six, was invited to train with some of London's most prestigious football clubs, including Chelsea FC, where he now plays once a week.

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