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Two-Year Old Saves Mother's Life

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This is one of the most amazing and heart-warming stories we have covered. It all began when Erika Miller, mother of 2-year old Alana passed out from a bad migraine attack.

The 2007 World Series Champions

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The Boston Red Sox became the 2007 World Series champions completing a four game sweep, with a 4-3 win on Sunday night.

"Bee Movie" - Coming To Theatres Friday, Nov 2nd

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 The bee movie, scheduled for release in theatres on Friday, Nov 2nd, is about a bee that decides to leave his hive and is befriended by a florist.

Baseball's Grand Finale

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With the World Series coinciding with the inauguration of our sports column, we decided it would be a great idea to educate our readers (and ourselves) about what it is and why it is such a big deal for baseball fans all across America.

Wildfires Ravage Southern California

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Dry conditions and fierce Santa Ana winds (dry desert winds), have resulted in several uncontrollable fires across Southern California.  The fires, which are ravaging the coastline all the way from San Diego to Malibu, have burnt through thousands of acres, destroying many homes and commercial properties.

Paleoanthropologists Unearth Our Ancestors

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Paleoanthropologists recently discovered what they believe, are the remains of the ancestors of the modern human (Homo Sapien), along the coastline on the southern tip of Africa.

Space Shuttle Discovery Launched

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Space shuttle Discovery blasted off the launch pad at Cape Canaveral on October 24th 2007, at 11:38 am in the morning.

Heading to Australia? – Take the Bus

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Thirty-eight passengers recently embarked on the world's longest regular bus journey. The 10,000 mile journey that starts in London, England and ends in Sydney, Australia, will span twenty countries and take twelve weeks to complete.

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