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Novak Djokovic - the new king (and clown) of the court

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The Men's final of the 2008 Australian Open Tennis Tournament ended on Saturday night with some nail-biting action. The game between the 3rd ranked Novak Djokovic , and the 38th ranked Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, was characterized by long rallies and a bitter fight for every point.

Mine fire continues to burn after 46 years

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Welcome to Centralia, a small town located in east- central Pennsylvania. Forty-six years ago, this used to be a bustling coal-mining town with over 2,500 residents. Today, Centralia is not even listed in most maps and its population has dwindled down to ten, thanks to a fire that cannot be extinguished.

Have a couple of hours? - How about a quick jaunt to Space?

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If you have two hours and $200,000 US Dollars to spare, Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Galactic promises you the ride of a lifetime - A trip to Space!

Kitty In A Suitcase

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This little kitty decided that she needed an adventure and hid inside the luggage of her owner, Seth Levy.  However, what happened next was more than even she had bargained for.

Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado

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The 12th Annual Winter X Games kicked off in Aspen, Colorado on January 25th. This three-day event, that features snowboarding, extreme Skiing and Snowmobile Racing is filled with thrilling action.

San Francisco Ocean Film Festival

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The San Francisco Ocean Film Festival has become a must-see event for all nature lovers. Now in it's fifth year, this family friendly event starts at the Comwell Theatre on February 1st-3rd. The festival features films that showcase our incredible oceans, their marine life and the importance of our ecosystem. 

Life on the Red Planet?

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In our eternal quest to find life on another planet, our eyes perk up whenever we see an image that even remotely looks like a living creature. This picture sent four years ago, by NASA's Rover "Spirit" was released recently by an avid Space fan who believes he has found evidence of life on Mars.

Try catching this rodent with a mouse trap!

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Imagine an animal that was as big as a bull and looked like a cross between a hippopotamus and a guinea pig. That's what scientists believe, "Josephoartigasia Monesi" (we can't pronounce it either) looked like - except that this was no bull, but a mere rodent in the pre-historic era. Makes you wonder how big the bull was during that time.

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