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Petra The Black Swan - The Saga Continues. . . . . .

Last week we brought you the story of Petra the black swan, which had finally left her swan-shaped white boat and was busy building a nest with a "real" white swan. Well folks, looks like that romance didn't last too long.

Why Are Thousands Of Bats Dying?

The death of thousands of hibernating bats in caves near New York and Vermont has scientists baffled and concerned. The issue is very similar to the mysterious disappearance of honeybees that has continued to worry scientists and farmers since late last year.

This Dog Loves To Pray

We have heard about dogs talking, begging and doing all sorts of cool tricks - this however, is a first! Conan a one and a half year old Chihuahua loves to pray. Conan learnt the trick from his master, Joei Yoshikuni, who is a priest at a Buddhist temple in Southern Japan.

The First House On The Moon?

A little red house on the moon? If Swedish artist Mikael Genberg has his way this will be a reality by 2011. He has the full support of the Swedish Space Agency and even some big sponsors that include a car rental company and members of the Swedish Government.

Miley Cyrus now at Madame Tussauds

If you think that is the real Miley Cyrus smiling at you - look again. The stunning image on the left is actually a life-like wax figure of Miley, unveiled at the famous Madam Tussauds in New York on Thursday, March 20th.

It's Official! - He Has The Smelliest Sneakers In America!

Last Wednesday, 15-year old Benjamin Russell was declared the official winner of the  33rd "Odor Eaters Rotten Sneaker" contest.  Apparently, his sneakers were sooooooooo smelly, that the judges almost fainted!

5-year Old Cancer Patient Needs Paper Airplanes

Five-year old Hunter is a kindergartner from Fillmore, New York. In January of this year, he was diagnosed with Burkett's lymphoma, a rare form of cancer that spreads quickly. As he undergoes treatment at a children's hospital in Buffalo, NY, he has one wish - to collect as many paper planes as he can so that he can be in the Guinness Book of Records as the boy with the most number of paper planes received.

Behind The Scenes Of James Bond's New Movie

The 22nd James Bond thriller - Quantum of Solace is scheduled for release this November. Daniel Craig returns as Agent 007, contemplating revenge after being betrayed in "Casino Royale"

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