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Million dollar Painting Found In Garbage

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Four years ago, on her way to get a cup of coffee, New York resident Elizabeth Gibson spotted an interesting looking painting in the garbage pile.

The Tumbleweed Queen!

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Southwest Kansas resident Linda Katz, is earning thousands of dollars selling tumbleweed that she finds outside her house, to people all over the country, and all over the world.

Before You Blow That Next Bubble.......

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Ever wonder who gets to first taste those wonderful and wacky bubble gum flavors like sour apple cherry (yum) or cotton candy (double yum) or even better still "yellin' melons"???  read on..........

Pre-Historic Sea Scorpions Larger Than Humans

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It is a good thing we weren't around 400 million years ago. If we had, we would probably have been afraid of being squashed by bugs, rather than the other way around.

Belgium's New Detectives

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Sacha Van Loo, a detective with Belgium's police force, is fluent in seven languages, knows a number of more dialects (same language spoken in a different way) in his head and has an acute (sharp) sense of hearing. In fact he is everything an awesome detective should be and more - He is also blind.

The Modern Day Titanic

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Just like the Titanic, a Canadian cruise ship hit submerged (hidden) ice in the frozen waters near Antarctica and started to sink on Friday November 23rd. However, this story has a much happier ending.

Elephant Orphanage In Kenya, Africa

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Built over 30 years ago, by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, this orphanage takes care of baby elephants, whose mothers have either abandoned them or have been killed by poachers.

Shrek Goes Abroad

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Our green ogre has become even more famous and will now be remembered forever.  Madame Tussauds, England's famous celebrity wax museum, recently unveiled their latest wax figure; a seven-foot, huggable sculpture of our lovable monster, Shrek.

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