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The buzz on the "Hannah Montana Concert" movie

In case you missed it, the must-see Hannah Montana Concert is now the must-see 3-D movie of the year. It's only playing in theatres for one week, from Feb 1st thru February 7th. Here's the inside scoop on the movie from our very own DOGONews viewers who saw it this weekend.

Two-digit Multiplication in Less Than Six Seconds

Impress your parents, teachers and friends by multiplying two-digit numbers, close to 100 without using a calculator.

Training to be a Veterinarian - at just 10

Ten-Year old Courtney Oliver knows exactly what she is going be when she grows up - A Veterinarian.  She is so sure that she has already completed some coursework on the Internet, that qualified her to be a registered Veterinarian Assistant. 

Astronauts Undertake Risky Spacewalk To Repair Solar Panel

Two American astronauts, Commander Peggy Whitson and Flight Engineer, Daniel Tani conducted a risky spacewalk to replace a motor on a solar panel at the International Space Station, on Wednesday.

Watch out kids - here come "The Cubinator"

Watch out kids, here comes "The Cubinator" - a puzzle-solving robot that is currently being displayed at the Toy Fair in London.

A champion at 14!

 Last Saturday, Fourteen-year old Mirai Nagasu became the second youngest  woman to win the U.S. Figure Skating Championships held in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Stylish, Fast and Green - This Car's Got It All!

It looks like a Porsche, drives like a Ferrari and is more environmentally friendly than a Prius. Meet the world's coolest alternative fuel car - The Tesla Roadster.

Meet the newest (and cutest) member of Scotland's Police Force

He is only six weeks old and still has to be named. But he has his own "blog" and has already left home and found a real job!  Meet the newest and cutest member of Scotland's Tayside Police Force.

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