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Need Help Cleaning Your Room? - Get A Robot!

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When Mitsubishi (the company that makes the robots), was looking to hire out its Wakamaru robot earlier this year, they had no doubt it would find a job immediately. They were right, not one but ten of its Wakamaru robots were instantly employed by a temporary staffing agency in Japan.

Multiplication tricks for numbers close to 10

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Last week, we brought you a fun way to learn the nines table.  This week impress your friends and teachers by learning how to multiply numbers closer to ten.

Student discovers new dinosaur species

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Mike Taylor, a university student, studying for his Ph.D. (advanced academic degree) in Paleontology ( the study of prehistoric life forms), discovered an entirely new species of dinosaur while conducting research at the Natural History Museum in the United Kingdom.

You Have Seen The Sunset, Now Watch An "Earthset"

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We have all seen the sunset. Now watch this fascinating video of an "Earthset"; pictures taken by Kaguya, a lunar explorer operated by Japan's Aerospace Exploration Agency.

58,000 Gallon Oil Spill In San Francisco Bay

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58,000 gallons of oil spilled into the San Francisco Bay on Wednesday morning, after a cargo ship hit the base of one of the towers of the Bay Bridge, causing a tear in the side of the ship and rupturing its fuel tanks.

Shuttle Discovery's Adventure In Space

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When the crew of Shuttle Discovery left for space on Tuesday, October 23rd,  they knew that their work at the International Space Station was going to be challenging.  However, they could have never anticipated (expected), the unexpected challenge they had to overcome. Read on for Discovery's adventure in Space.

Update on floods in Tabasco, Mexico

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The flood waters in the Mexican state of Tabasco are finally starting to recede.  However, the damage caused by the floods continues to haunt the people of Mexico.

Watch Out Roger Federer, Here Comes Jan

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5-year old Jan Silva can barely see over the net, but he already has an amazing one-handed backstroke. Dubbed as the Tiger Woods of Tennis, Jan is being heralded (declared) the future of American Tennis.

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