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Plight Of The Antarctic Penguins

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The fascinating documentary "March of the Penguins"  touched on some of the issues faced by the "Emperor Penguins", due to global warming. Now scientists are predicting even more dire(dismal) consequences if some preventive measures are not taken soon.

It's the Season . . .

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As you prepare your Christmas shopping list, don't forget your pet! Increasingly it seems people in the US and around the world are adding their dogs or cats to their Christmas lists and not just for any stuffed animal picked up at the grocery or pharmacy, but for high-end gifts from exclusive stores.

The Intelligent Soccer Ball!

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Was the ball in or not?  Did the referee make a mistake?  A lot of times these are crucial questions asked in soccer matches where the outcome may well depend on a judgment call by a referee. Now this intelligent soccer ball from Adidas promises to take the guessing out of the decision.

Maine Philantrophist Keeps Giving!

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During his lifetime, Harold Alfond donated more then $100 million US Dollars to schools, hospitals and charitable causes in his home State of Maine. His generosity continues even after his recent death at the age of 93.

This Balloon Won't Pop

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This week we bring you another science experiment that can be performed at home. Not only is the experiment easy and fun to do, it also demonstrates how the earth's weather patterns work.

J.K. Rowling's latest work auctions for a whopping $4m

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She's done it again! This leather bound book one of only seven copies, handwritten by J.K. Rowling, the author who brought us "Harry Potter", sold for $4 million US Dollars at an auction last night. The buyer? - None other than US online retailer,

Airbus Lands On Glacial Runway In Antarctica

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On December 12th, a passenger jet made history by landing on a new 'blue ice' runway, in Australia's Antarctic territory. The 2.5 miles long, 700 meters thick track is tricky not just because of the ice, but also because it shifts about 12 meters southwest annually, thanks to the natural underlying movement of the glaciers.

World's Greenest Boat Also Aims To Be The Fastest

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Shaped like an alien from outer space, Earthrace has been built to break the official 'Round the World Speed Record by a Powerboat'. The current record is about 75 days, Earthrace is hoping to do it in 65 days. However, unlike the other speedboat, Earthrace will do it using only 100% Biodiesel fuel.

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