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Smithsonian Wild

For many years now, scientists have used motion-sensitive cameras to seek out the elusive animals that live in our forests, but are too smart to reveal themselves when humans are around. This site encompasses some of these amazing pictures collected over the years. While you have seen or heard of most of them, there are probably some that you didn't even know exist. So be sure to take a look.


As the name indicates, this fun website teaches young kids alphabets with the help of animals - In this case, not just a fun picture but also the sound made by each one of them, which should keep young children occupied for hours - Great resource to keep in mind when you are babysitting a younger sibling.

Zoo Borns

If you like exotic baby animals you will love Zoo It has pictures of all the newest and cutest baby animals being born at zoos and animal sanctuaries all over the world. Learn about animals like the dik-diks, bat-eared foxes, and the fossa. Updated every day, with news pictures and sometimes even videos, the site always has something new to OMG at!

Animals of the World

Animals of the World is a great site for kids who want to learn about the different types of animals like, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, birds, insects, and mammals. After you read about them, you can test your knowledge by playing some fun games.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is a great place to learn about animals, people, places and lots more. You can play games, rate stories, watch videos, do activities and find some amazing photos. If you love animals, you have to check this site out.


Calling all animal lovers! Be sure to check this site if you have a pet, want a pet or simply like to look at or read about cute animals. The site even gives you tips on how to teach your pet tricks and has an animal expert to answer any question you may have about your pet or any other animal.

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