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Coloring Pages For You

Young kids love to color - However it is a time consuming and messy endeavor. Coloring pages have to be sought out and printed. Then come the messy paints and the various paintbrushes that need to turn the white paper into a piece of art. And after all that, they cannot share their masterpiece with anybody but their immediate family. This site changes all that - Select the picture, color of paint, paint brush tip or 'paint of bucket' for background coloring and paint away. Don't like the end result? Simple 'wash' it all away and start again. No fuss, no muss and the best part is you can save your painting, share it and even earn some mulla by entering their ongoing coloring contests.

The Caves Of Lascaux

The site takes you on a journey of over 17,000 ancient paintings inside a cave in Southwestern France. Discovered in 1940 by four teenagers whilst on a hike, the caves were initially opened up to the public. But, when scientists realized that the carbon dioxide emitted by humans was harming the works of art, they had to shut down the caves. However, now thanks to this website we can tour the caves and feel like we are actually there.


Need a jazzy presentation for class, but are a little short on creative skills? Then you are going to love Wordle. Simply cut and paste your assignment, hit create and watch the boring document turn into something magical. The program even allows you to tweak the font, color and background if they don't meet your standards. The best part is, you can print it or share it with as many people as you want.

Art History

A wonderful resource for any budding artist who wishes to learn about artists, different art styles and the periods they were most popular in, as well as, the different mediums like oil paints, charcoal etc. that were used.

The Primary Kids

Love learning about art and its history? The Primary Kids will teach you everything you want to know about famous artists and their paintings. You can also 'meet'  Primary Kids, Georgia, Jose, Maya and Jacob and learn about their hobbies.

Art Games

Love to splash paint around and create works of art? Then this is the perfect site for you - Create masterpieces that will put Andy Warhol to shame and the best part is, that there is no messy cleanup. After you have fulfilled your creative side, be sure to check out the games, which are all art-related of course!

A Lifetime Of Color

A great site for all you budding artists. Learn tips and techniques on how to turn your art into a masterpiece, read about the history of art and famous artists - then test your knowledge by playing the many fun games.

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