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BBC Kids History

This website is a great resource for Social Studies and History projects because you can now find all of your research from one area. Since the subject matter is broken down by the different periods, it is easy to parse through the content and find what you are looking for easily.

Natural History Museum - Kids

Explore the lives of butterflies or peek inside the world of foxes that are scampering in the museum's wildlife garden. Learn about dinosaurs or about all the 'ologists' professions from the scientists at the museum. if none of these interest you simply play the fun games. No matter what you do, you are bound to have fun at this Natural Museum of History site for kids.


A great science and social studies resource geared for middle school students. Browse by topic, country or even era and you will be able to get detailed information on subjects ranging from architecture to ancient science.

Kids Past

The perfect site for your social studies research project - It covers the whole nine yards, from the history of pre-historic humans to details about the American and French Revolution. You can play fun history-based games and also impress your teachers by memorizing quotes from people like Buddha, Abe Lincoln and Michelangelo.


This site is a treasure trove of research for those Social Studies assignments or if you are just curious. With topics ranging from the history of music to history of microprocessors, there is something for everyone.

America's Story

Sharpen you social studies knowledge, while having fun. The site covers everything - ranging from fun facts about each state to learning about famous Americans as well as learning fun trivia about  different sports. Be sure to enter your birth date and see what important historical event took place that day in the Go Back in History tab

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