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Top Ten Space Facts

This fun site is a treasure trove for all space buffs. It lists the top ten facts about everything space, ranging from most intriguing extrasolar planets to the top ten facts about the moon, and even the top ten best songs about space. And once you are done with that you can explore the rest of the Space news that the site offers.

Space Games

Besides being a fun place to learn about astronauts and space, this site also has some fun project ideas. You can make a cloud mobile or help astronauts go back to the moon by building a moon habitat  - or better still make pollutants from gumdrops and then gobble them up - the possibilities are endless!

Life in space

Have you have wondered what life in Space is like? This site explains it all - how the astronauts live, what they eat, who does the chores, how they exercise, what weightlessness feels and lots more.

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