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Video of the Week - Penguin Dance Fever Grips Saudi Arabia

Penguins are known for many things - their charming looks, cheerful Christmas spirit, high-diving skills and . . . dancing skills? Apparently so, for how else can you explain the Penguin dance fever that is spreading across the world and has even charmed the normally staid residents of Saudi Arabia?

Let Those Creative Juices Flow (And Light Up) With This Amazing Conductive Paint

Always wanted to create a light-up poster or t-shirt without worrying about all those messy and bulky wires? Now you can, thanks to an ingenious conductive paint that allows you to design and illuminate your creations, simultaneously!

Hate Doing Laundry? You Are Going To Love This Shirt!

Given that most of the work is done by machines, doing laundry is relatively effortless. Yet, most people hate the chore with a passion, which is probably why this new shirt unveiled by American apparel company, Wool & Prince, is generating so much interest.

Running Tap Results In A Spectacular Frozen Waterfall In China

Earlier this week, the world got a whiff about the formation of a spectacular new frozen waterfall in China's Jilin City. However, this hunk of ice that sits on the side of a building, is not a natural wonder, but a manmade version created unwittingly, by an apartment resident.

French Artist And Designer Creates Elegant Graffiti Art Using Water And LED Lights

Beauty, especially when it relates to graffiti art, lies in the eyes of the beholder - Some love it and see it as an expression of creativity, while others, especially those that have to clean up the mess off their garage doors or walls think it is an an eyesore. However, even the biggest critics of this art form cannot find fault with this graffiti board that uses just LED lights and water!

Create Art While Riding Your Bike Or Scooter

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If you love riding your bike or scooter and drawing you are going to be thrilled with this new invention, that allows you to do both - Simultaneously! Aptly dubbed Chalktrail, it is the brainchild of Bellingham, WA resident Scott Baumann, whose 'aha' moment came about five years ago, when he was saw his kids and their friends constantly getting off their bikes to create chalk drawings.

Silbo Gomera - The Sweet Whistling Language That Transforms Humans Into Nightingales

If you ever visit La Gomera, one of the small islands that make up the Canaries, you are guaranteed to hear some sweet nightingale like whistling sounds. While some may emanate from the golden-voiced bird itself, chances are most of what you are hearing is coming from the residents, who believe it or not, are tweeting actual words to each other in a language they call Silbo Gomera (Spanish for 'Gomeran Whistle') or El Silbo (the whistle).

Video Of The Week - London's Trafalgar Square Gets Its Own Sun

Londoner's rushing to work near the city center's Trafalgar Square on this dreary winter morning were in for a pleasant surprise - A bright orange sun that seemed to have arrived at least two hours early. Of course, this wasn't the real deal, but a man-made art installation created by a group of artists by the name of Greyworld.

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